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Rose's Dolls of Distinction is not a club but rather a classroom gathering featuring top doll artisans. 
Rose Gibbons provides hosting services to both  teachers and students in a relaxed country setting.

News for 2015


The Birth of "The Classroom"

Once upon a time A Doll Maker, whose name is Kat Lee, invited me to take a class in Lexington Virginia.  Our first real hug was to turn my life around as far as doll making was concern.  She soon encouraged me to start hosting doll making classes.  It has been a wonderful experience as I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few  of the most well known teachers out there.  I have made some wonderful new friends along the way and learned so much about  Art Dolls.  For the past 8  years I went from one class held at a  rented church hall to creating an actual space in my home located on the outskirts of New Windsor Maryland.


In the spring of 2010 I finally semi retired ( gave up a part time job after 29 years) and  I'm  refurbishing the old homestead to make it more inviting for both my new friends  and my old as well who have come as far away  as Australia and as close as Columbia Maryland.   Many teachers have come from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, London  and the list goes on.

Rose’s Dolls of Distinction 

In 2004 I had the opportunity to have Pam Grose come and teach. The gal who made the trip possible insisted that I had to have a name for my doll group.  This situation forced me into realizing that perhaps I did need a name. One of the suggested names was "Rose’s Dolls of Distinction". This was perfect as it described how I felt l about the original 5 wonderful ladies who have come to most of my classes.