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About the Location

Most classes are held in “The Class Room” located on the outskirts of New Windsor Maryland.  The setting is in the country and fairly quiet.  The entrance is in the back of the home.    Upon entering you will find yourself in my family room where lunch will be served.  A bathroom is located on this floor as well.  If  the scheduled class runs more than one day you can feel comfortable about  leaving your equipment and "stuff".   Most commercial places requires that you pack up all your things and cart it back the next day.

I normally have cold bottle water/sodas in the small refrigerator that is located in the classroom.  I also supply items such as an iron, extra sewing machine, water cups for painting, etc. 

The room holds 12 students comfortably.  I have a dry board for teachers to demo on.  The room has 4 large tables and plenty of outlets for using sewing machines.  Folding chairs with cushions are also available. 

In the family room are lots of spots to bring show and tell dolls,  which  by the way is always encouraged and welcome.