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Teacher listing from 2002 - Present



Prior Teachers

Sherry Goshon - USA Iowa
She has been making dolls for many years and has quite a following.  She not only makes one of a kind but also designs patterns and published a guide to making faces. Sherry's patterns can be purchased from doll makers journey
and cloth doll patterns.   She can be contacted at:

February 2002 she taught a 3 day class on a doll technique of wool felt over a clay mask.

Jacqueline Uetz - USA Iowa
Fall 2002 Taught Maggie Rose a mixed media doll class.  This was the first Class held in my classroom.  Jacqueline is a pattern designer.  Her patterns can be purchased from doll makers journey and cloth doll patterns.

Di McDonald - Australia
Born in New Zealand but now calls Australia her home. I have had the pleasure of having her come and teach on two separate trips to the USA.   Her first trip over I hosted 2 classes for her.   One in which we learned her technique for painting faces.  The second class was Ella.  We learned techniques of working with tyvek as well as adding beading and other embellishments. On her second time to teach  we had a class in which she us lots of class  techniques  such as we painted art paper and torn this up as well as did some free motion stitching on the sewing machine. She loves to use embellishments on her creations. 

Alison Marano - USA, Pennsylvania
She is from Erie Pennsylvania.  Alison makes the most wonderful elves and fairies as well as other dolls.  In May 2004 she taught a One Day class.  We learned how to make her pattern Martagon.  We had lots of pre-work to do prior to this class.  We all had the best time and learned while we joked and enjoyed the whole experience. 

Pam Grose - Australia
At the suggestion of Sue Daniels I invited Pam to come to teach here in Maryland.  Pam is just a little bit of a gal with a whole lot of natural talent.  The first time she came to teach was for her basic female doll.  We learned so many new techniques and ideas that are just too numerous to mention them all here. This was in 2004.  Her next trip was in 2006 when she taught her bust class.  She returned to teach her dragon/cat critter on another trip to the States.  While here Pam took a class with Christine Shively.  She showed us all up by making two dolls in the time it took us all to make one.  In her last class in 2009 she taught her monster doll. I must say this is one of my favorite classes. 

Ellen Haytas is "Aunt Moonie"  USA-Ohio
We first met when she came to take a class with Pam Grose.  Ellen has been here numerous times.  She has returned both as a teacher and as a student.  As a student she puts you to shame because she is determine to go home with a completely finished doll.  First class she taught was held November 2004 and it was a two day class doing  "DeVilla Von Gruelle" that she and her partner Kate Erbach designed. She  later returned and we made her bed doll. 

Barbara Willis - USA California

She is a well known doll maker, teacher, pattern designer and now can boost that she has been published.  She travels extensively to teach both here and abroad as well.  I must admit I was in awk of having her come teach for me.  She came in April 2005 and taught her collector doll.  It was a Two day class with No pre work. We all started at the same place. We all had a blast in this class.

Antonette Cely  "Noni" USA - Georgia but now called  the State of Washington her home

I answered an e mail and laughing said when are you coming to teach a class for me.  She said when do you want me.  She is member of NIADA.  In May 2005 she came and taught a 2 day class learning doll making techniques.  She is a very dear friend who has more talent in her little finger than most people.

Sandy Corson-Walker - USA Maine
Fall of 2005  (See class photos)

Her HeeBeeGee doll that could be an elf or Santa. This fellow wore a pair of actual child’s shoes and could stand on his own.

Sandy bravely took the Greyhound Bus from Maine to Maryland.  We had been on line friends for years and it was a thrill to go to the bus Station to pick her up.  It is a day I will never forget.  Sandy came and taught the above mentioned class .  She taught us another method of making a doll that can stand on its own without the use of wires or a stand. 

Marilyn Halcombe - Australia
March 2006

She is another of those wonderful doll artist and teacher that " The Land Down Under has produced".   She has also graced my home on two separate occasions where she has taught classes.  The first time was in March 2006.  We had a two day class in which we worked on an armature and did cloth sculpting,   She  also taught us a method for making kitchen felting  in 5 minutes.  She returned in May 2007 to teach one of her clowns.

Her cloth sculpting techiques are outstanding.  I must admit that the girls who have meet her know that she is actual the real Mrs. Santa Claus.  Marilyn is one of those teachers who give 150%

Judy Skeel - USA - Ohio

She is not only a teacher but also designs patterns and teaches classes on line.  She came in May of 2006 and taught her Destiny Doll. This was a gothic style doll before they became as popular as they are today. We learned lots of new techniques. Such as working with apoxie clay, creating a method of how to make the doll stand on her own, sculpting a face and hands. It was a 3 day class.  She stayed a few extra days and we got to know each other. 

Anne Hesse - USA (Kentucky) but now calls Florida home

She has been here on several occasions both as a teacher and also a student.  First time she taught her beaded face doll.  It was lots of work but it was well worth it in the end.  Several of the students went home and made a second doll.  Her second trip was one of her art dolls and also we learned how to make beaded rings.  (Or most of the class did.  I discovered I am not a beader. )  She joined us for a doll class as a student as well.  Annie runs MM & M in Kentucky twice a year.  We try to share some of the teachers to help the cost of travel for both of us.  I've had the pleasure of attending one of those MM & M sessions myself.  What a blast.  I truly believe Annie and I knew each other in another life.   


Arley Berryhill
August 2006

He taught us how to do costuming.  We did draping and came up with a muslin outfit by the end of the second day. 

Christine Shively
September 2006

This was an intriguing class in which we not only painted the cloth doll but added embellishments using paper and glue.  This was a 2 day class.  Time just flew by each day. 



All the teachers have said they would be willing to return at any time to teach again.